Teaching at Oxford in 2021-22

Oxford encourages a flexible and inclusive approach to teaching. This approach reflects the high-quality, personalised education that is our hallmark.

What does teaching look like this term?

Most teaching in Michaelmas term 2021 is expected to take place in-person

This includes tutorials, seminars, supervisions and classes, as well as lab, performance and practice-based activities. Fieldwork and overseas research study will also resume (subject to international travel restrictions). Large lectures can remain online in Michaelmas term 2021, but departments may offer them in-person if preferred.

In addition, there may be students who are unable to return to the UK at this time, or are required to self-isolate, and it is important their learning needs continue to be met. This may mean teaching in a hybrid format in some situations.

To mitigate the disruptions due to COVID-19, including disruption to schooling prior to arrival, subjects/departments are encouraged to retain the most successful innovations of their online teaching from the 2020-21 academic year.

Education Steering Group has now published the University’s Expectations of Teaching and Assessment in Michaelmas term 2021. It outlines that in Michaelmas term 2021 the University’s approach will be to return to in-person teaching as much as possible, while retaining online content which is valued by students as inclusive.

Find out more

Find out how you can get ready for Michaelmas term 2021, and what flexible and inclusive teaching and learning might look like for you and your students. You can also follow the links below for guidance and resources from the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

If Government or local restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic are reintroduced, contingency plans will be required.

You can find out more on the University’s COVID-19 website, and on the Academic Support website.

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