Technology Enhanced Learning consultancy

We offer consultancy to help you evaluate and implement digital tools in your teaching and learning. If you are an academic, tutor and lecturer, a learning technologist from the TEL team can support you with identifying and implementing digital tools and refer you to relevant workshops and other training opportunities. 

Support with teaching and learning

If you are looking for consultancy on teaching and learning for your department, faculty, college or course team, please contact the Teaching and Learning team.


Examples of our work

Extending your use of Canvas

We are currently working with teaching and administrative staff to support teaching and learning with Canvas, the University’s new VLE. If you would like to explore more features of Canvas to do something different in your teaching, please get in touch. Learning technologists can support you at any stage of this process.

Using Lecture Capture (Replay) and polling tools 

The TEL team has recently worked with a lecturer in Economics to discuss and implement polling tools and video recordings. 

Projecting and recording annotations during lectures  

The TEL team has provided support to a lecturer in Ancient Greek who wanted to use technology to project annotations of Ancient Greek texts she was making during a lecture to a large screen and record them at the same time.  

Digital tools for active learning  

A group of lecturers based in the Biomedical Services wanted to give students a more active learning experience and has worked with the TEL team to flip their classroom.

Studying Ancient History in Augmented and Virtual Reality

The TEL team has worked with a lecturer in Ancient History to use Augmented and Virtual Reality for teaching students the history of Ancient Rome through an immersive learning experience.


Further resources and networks

Contact us

To speak with a learning technologist, please email us.


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