Education communities

Our vision is to create conditions throughout Oxford where excellence in teaching and assessment can thrive.

One way in which we do this is by bringing educators, administrators and students together through our facilitated education communities to build and strengthen connections across the University.

The communities offers different opportunities for staff to enhance and support their practice – from user groups and open networks, to special interest groups.

We provide the infrastructure to facilitate conversations that reflect how different disciplines and subjects teach and assess, and we make best use of digital collaboration tools to ensure equitable access and participation for everyone.

Each community is facilitated by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, working in collaboration with educators across Oxford.

Follow the links below to find out about the current education communities.

How can I get involved in a community?

You can get involved in sharing your higher educational practice and experience teaching and learning practice by joining our Education Community Team, then subscribing to a Teams Channel for the relevant group you are interested in. You can join as many of the Channels within this Team as you wish.

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