Internship Scheme 2021

Six graduate interns participated in our Student Experience Internship Scheme 2021 for 10 weeks from July to September.

The goal for the Internship Scheme 2021 was to further the University’s equality objectives of reducing gaps in access, participation and attainment among students.

While barriers to the University's equality objectives are multiple and complex, students have identified both Oxford’s curricula and its wider culture of teaching and learning as key areas of focus.

Interns partnered with academics, educational developers, and other key stakeholders on two inclusion related projects:

  • Project 1: Race and the curriculum
  • Project 2: Student transition to Oxford

Both projects aimed to further the University’s education-related commitments in its strategic plan to:

  1. Attract and admit students from a wider range of backgrounds (Commitment 1).
  2. Offer an excellent academic experience to all students and equip them to excel in whatever they choose to do (Commitment 2).
  3. Refresh the University’s rich academic environment (Commitment 3). 

The projects were designed to build on the existing inclusive teaching support developed by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, including the Flexible and Inclusive Teaching (FIT) materials and the Introduction to inclusive teaching at Oxford (SSO required) online course.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning's Student Experience Internship Scheme 2021 was supported generously by the University’s Diversity Fund.

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For this project, student experience interns collaborated with academics, the Race Equality Task Force, racially underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students as well as wider University staff to develop a ‘Race and the curriculum’ online resource designed to support those who teach at Oxford to develop racially inclusive teaching. This resource now forms part of the ‘Racially inclusive teaching toolkit’ aimed addressing awarding gaps between BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) students and their white counterparts at Oxford.

This project was designed to extend CTL’s provision of FIT support to departments and colleges by developing resources to support student transition to studying at Oxford. Student experience interns worked collaboratively to develop a wide range of resources to support students’ transition to University study, with a particular focus on the ‘learning loss’ experienced by students around the world due to the disruption to pre-university education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Follow the links below to find out more about our Student Experience Interns in 2021.

Webinar recording - Embedding inclusive teaching at Oxford

A recording of the student experience interns’ webinar is available. Student internship project: Embedding inclusive teaching at Oxford.

Listen to our six interns as they discuss what they learnt and achieved from their two projects on embedding inclusive teaching practices at Oxford.

Recorded on Wednesday 1 September 2021.

Racially inclusive teaching toolkit

View Race and the curriculum: a student-produced resource, a Canvas resource developed by our student experience interns. This resource forms part of our Racially Inclusive Teaching Toolkit, which includes guides, self-evaluation tools, case studies and further reading. 

Academic transition support for students and teaching staff

View the resources developed in collaboration with our student experience interns to support teaching staff and new undergraduate students at Oxford, including their report, Supporting students' academic transition to Oxford (SSO required).

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