Your Learning Matters Student Feedback Channel

What is the Your Learning Matters Student Feedback Channel?

The Your Learning Matters Student Feedback Channel is part of the Centre for Teaching and Learning's Diversity of Student Experience Research Project. The research project is exploring how students from diverse backgrounds participate in teaching and learning at Oxford.

Students are invited to use the channel to provide feedback on how your teaching and learning experiences at Oxford change over the course of a term and academic year. 

The channel asks four questions and will take between two and 20 minutes to respond, depending on the length of your answers. If you do not want to answer some of the questions you do not have to, but you can still contribute to the research.

Before providing feedback, please read our participant information sheet (SSO required). 

Each term you participate, you will have the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win one of two vouchers to the value of £75. 

Why do we want to know about your teaching and learning experience?

As part of the Diversity of Student Experience Research Project, we would like to understand your teaching and learning experience at Oxford. The findings from the project will be used to inform decisions about how to improve students’ experiences of Oxford’s teaching and learning environments.

When is the channel open?

The channel is open for Trinity term from Monday 15 April (Week 0 TT24) to Friday 21 June (Week 9 TT24), so you can provide feedback when and as often as you wish.

Who can you contact if you have any questions?

If you have any questions or comments about the feedback channel, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning.