Digitally Supported Inclusive Teaching Toolkit

This toolkit supports the University’s Digital Education Strategy 2023-27, a key goal of which is to enable a more inclusive educational environment at Oxford.  

Five components of the Digitally Supported Inclusive Teaching Toolkit. A guide to digitally supported inclusive teaching, A self-evaluation tool for staff and students, Teaching case studies, Online reading list, Student experiences

The five components of the Digitally Supported Inclusive Teaching Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to support you to:

  • Review digitally supported inclusive teaching practices in your course, programme or department
  • Identify barriers to and opportunities for inclusion
  • Find practical ways to implement and enhance digitally supported inclusive teaching
  • Structure conversations and action planning with colleagues and students 
  • Discover further guidance and support.

There are several ways to engage with the toolkit, from 5-minute activities to longer workshop ideas. 

You can view the five toolkit components by following the links in the tiles below. The five components are interconnected and complementary, rather than sequential, allowing you to engage with whichever components suit your particular teaching context at any point in time.  

The toolkit can be used by individuals or by groups of colleagues, and opportunities are provided for staff and students to explore the toolkit in partnership. 

It is also designed to be dynamic, providing an ongoing opportunity for you to contribute to the toolkit through submitting case studies and reading suggestions

We are interested to hear from departments or teams who are looking to work through the toolkit. We can provide support with workshops and help staff identify next steps. Please contact us at


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